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How To Better Collaborate with a Video Editor

7 helpful tips to create win-win experiences for you and your editor
+ a FREE "Editor Notes" template

Establish a reasonable timeline.

Communication is key. Discuss a project timeline with your editor and understand what they are capable of completing by the deadline. Take revisions into consideration when determining a final delivery date. 


Provide notes for your editor.

Put together an outline detailing the project scope. Be sure to include details of the project vision, video formats and codecs, audio notes, marketing assets, specific client requests, file delivery, expected video duration, and other specific needs for the video.


Go the extra mile.

Put together a spreadsheet of file names and details about each shot. Include timecode and explain specific moments of each shot you would like included in the final cut of the video and why.


Include assets in initial data transfer.

In your first media transfer, include branding assets, high-resolution logos (png), graphics, motion graphics, music and sound effects, along with your video and audio footage. Download and fill out the 'Editor Notes' template and be sure to include that as well.


Clearly define licensing expectations.

Licensing of music should not come out of the editor’s pocket. If your editor does pay for any music licensing up front, be sure to reimburse the editor for this fee. 


Give constructive feedback.

Familiarize yourself with editing language. When giving critique, be specific with what you want to see changed. It is never a good idea to say to an editor, "I don't like this," and expect them to understand what you mean. Instead, dial in your focus on what doesn't work and suggest a solution or two. Include timecode in your feedback to be able to direct the editor's attention to exact moments in the video.


Be flexible.

Be as flexible as you can. Do not micromanage them. Editors want to feel a sense of creative control. Remember, you hired them for a reason.

Video Editing Timeline

Download the template.

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