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Multidimensional Multimedia Marissa Palmeri Video Editor Detroit Michigan

Multimedia At Work

For all stages of pre-production, production and post-production needs, I offer my skills and experience to those who value creative expression, seek to grow their businesses and require production assistance or consulting advice. Consciously co-creating multimedia with clients is my passion.

Over eight years of Film & TV industry experience and a lifetime of inspiration are integrated into my work and consultations.

Production Assistance

Production Assistant for Michigan Film and Network TV industry - 8 years experienced (non-union) - Creative, Commercial, Short Film, Feature Film, Music Video, Interview, Documentary, B-Roll, offering high quality BTS

Aerial Video & Photo

FAA-Licensed drone pilot capturing 4K aerial video and photo to add value to your creative or business marketing project

Video Production

Capturing smooth, stabilized, beautiful 4K video for creative personal archiving, business promotion, interview, commercial, podcast, music performance, music video, artist portfolio, creative film, wedding, marketing purposes and more

Digital Design

Logos, advertisements, brochures, flyers, invitations, posters, social media image and video content, newsletters, marketing materials, PDFs, digital and print distribution

Audio Recording / Mixing

Capturing clean multi-channel audio and precise mixing for film, podcast, live event, commercial, interview, artist portfolio, training material and more

Animation & Visual Effects

4K animation rendering for logo, title, visual effects, visual projection, music video, film, artist portfolio, video intro/outro and more

Website Development

Highly professional, clean and error-free website development for your business or special events utilizing Wix and Squarespace 

Screenwriting / Scripting Consultation

13+ years screenwriting experience to aid in scripting your idea, also offering consultant services in script ideation for commercial, creative, documentary, narrative and non-linear storytelling

Video & Audio Editing

Masterful video and audio editing for creative projects, film, business promotion, commercial, podcast, interview, music video, live event, training material, artist portfolio and more


High quality photography for portrait, headshot, promotional material, in-studio, outdoor natural light, live event, business marketing, artist portfolio, art prints, musician/band/DJ profile, wedding, product retail, advertisement, BTS and more

Digital Imaging Technician

Flawlessly organized data management for film and audio productions

Podcast Producing

High quality podcast audio recording and producing utilizing 4 standing microphones, studio headphones and Rodecaster Pro. High quality video recording also available upon request.

Reach out.

To inquire about services, send me your name and email with a brief project description.

Thank you for your inquiry. I will respond within 24 hours.

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