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Full Service Production

I offer exclusive full-service production for local business that I align with. I do not offer this to just anyone, so if you are seeing this page, I honor and admire you and your work. I would be honored to join forces in a co-creation of a video product that accentuates who you are. I want to help you grow your business.

For all stages of your pre-production, production and post-production needs, I offer my skills and experience to you.

Those who value creative expression, seek to grow their businesses and require production assistance or consulting advice benefit from working with me. Consciously co-creating multimedia with clients is my passion. Over eight years of Film & TV industry experience and a lifetime of inspiration are integrated into my work and consultations.



Let's Get the Gears Turning.

Starting from the initial phone call or email, I offer my expertise in the strategizing of the project scope. This initial stage of planning is crucial to the overall execution and accomplishment of our goals.

I also offer easy-to-fill templates for organizing your thoughts, vision, and goals that makes communication easy.



Lights, Camera, Action.

I combine the powers of video, audio and light to perfectly capture the essence of our idea. I direct on-screen talent with easy, clear communication to build a comfortable atmosphere for creativity and co-creation. 

I produce beautifully balanced imagery with stabilized 4K video.

I light the scene that brings a dramatic, natural, or experimental tone to the image. If you want to reach new perspectives, I am a FAA-licensed drone pilot, offering 4K aerial photo and video. I record high-quality location and voice-over sound.



On-Time Delivery, Every Time.

This is where the story really comes together. With powerful softwares and detailed analysis of video footage, I build stories that are authentic and moving.

I have quick turnaround timelines. With 15 years of video editing experience, I use precision and speed to ensure I meet your deadlines. I can animate your logo, design a soundscape, utilize title design, and visually tell a story.

Get a Quote

Let's discuss how we can grow your business with multimedia production.

Looking forward to co-creating!

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