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I am that I am.

Multidimensional Multimedia | Marissa Denae Palmeri
Multidimensional Multimedia Transparent Logo
Know Thyself.

My name is Marissa Denae Palmeri, a multidimensional being and multimedia co-creator. I am here to witness, analyze, create, teach and share. My community is my garden, which I tend to with great care. I am here to assist people and help their consciousness, and businesses, expand. I provide high value, high vibrations and authenticity to all projects I participate in.

Multimedia is my passion. I offer over 15 years of post-production experience.  I am dedicated to the craft and exploring what we are capable of creating together. I call this process "co-creation". When we work together, I shine when you shine.

I graduated from Michigan State University in 2015 with a Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts and Sciences, a specialization in TV, Cinema and Radio, and a minor in Film Studies. I learned that education gets you far, but experience gets your farther. Over the years I have become very familiar with Adobe, DaVinci, Final Cut and Avid softwares. Editing is my home; I feel fulfilled and centered in this department. Throughout the process of developing these skills I learned to record video and audio footage for myself, the Editor. I also learned to write complex scripts, thoroughly organize production crews, direct on-screen talent with ease, accurately manage data, collaborate with music composers and other editors, create and edit the design of multiple websites, dive deeper into visual effects and animation, discuss visions of growth with clients, and accomplish the extraordinary. I offer all of my multimedia expertise to my clients and guarantee on-time delivery. 

I have a strong self-motivated focus. I am prepared to explore with you our great potential to express ourselves. Whether we are producing marketing materials, developing websites, producing audio-visual content, or simply marveling at the wonders of nature, we can achieve any goal we consciously set for ourselves or our businesses. Our dreams can become reality but only if you trust and allow the process to guide you.

Multidimensional Multimedia was a dream of mine which came to fruition in 2021. I wanted to start a business which encompassed everything I am passionate about. The four circles in its logo represent the different services I provide: Video, Audio, Design and Marketing. Together, they form an awareness of the Self, represented through the eye in the middle. This eye fully embodies my focus on co-creation in divine harmony. 

We are reflections of one another. Eye am you as you are me. Let's connect.

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